Teaching with Moodle Campus Forum

April 21st
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Wisconsin Idea Room, 159 Education Building on Bascom

Goals/Objectives:  share course design challenges, teaching outcomes, teaching scenarios, curriculum examples.  Share stories and lessons learned around teaching with Moodle and teaching with innovative tools.

Audience:  Faculty/staff/instructional support and instructional designers

1. Welcome – Phil Barak, Professor of Soil Science and Interim Information Technology Director, CALS.     Link to welcome remarks.

2. Moodle Mysteries Revealed - How to Create an Online Course that Students Actually Like.  An overview of two types of online courses created with the help of Moodle, one using narrated PowerPoint slides and one using narrated screen video.   Patricia Mullins, School of Business.   Link to course screen shots
3. Using Case Scenario Builder - Mike Pitterle, School of Pharmacy.  

4. Use of Moodle’s Wiki tool in a self-paced, case-based course on project management in distance education - Erin McCloskey, Division of Continuing Studies.  Link to Prezi slides.

5. Building a new visual analysis/learning analytic tool – Alan Hackbarth, School of Education

6. Brief overview of  Moodle 2.0 -  Mike Litzkow, College of Engineering and DoIT - Academic Technologies

7. Moodle Resources for Fac/Staff - moodle.wisc.edu - Paul Oliphant, College of Engineering

8. Wrap up and other announcements.

Invitation to Virtual Moodle Moot event
- Jeff Bohrer

Invitation to learn more about Feedback Manager - Lil Tong

10 minutes at end for folks to linger and ask questions.

Cookies and soda provided by Learning Support Services, L&S


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