ARIS Global Jam Debrief

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If you've not already read about in the Daily Page, on April 18-20, we held our first "Global" ARIS jam. There were over a hundred participants from Columbia, the Netherlands, and Spain, and the U.S. including folks from 3M, the Minnesota Historical Society, Oregon Middle School, Whitewater Middle School, Oconomowoc School District, University of New Mexico Albuquerque, University of Northern Colorado, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Parsons The New School of Design, University of Murcia, consultants from WiseGuys and IdeaMonkey Inc. And in the ensuing 50 hours of work, folks created 127 games (not counting the ones we made in the workshop!).

Pretty Cool, huh?

I held four ARIS workshops in that time. One for the opening group and three for high school and university classes that dropped by. Between teaching workshops and roaming the amazing Wisconsin Idea room in the UW-Madison Education building (thanks for hosting, SoE!!) helping participants work through design logic, I was only able to make one game. It's Sorry and Parcheesi played outside as fast as you can run! 

Nonetheless, we were mentally and physically exhausted afterwards, and we learned a whole lot about creating interactive place-based experiences for learning through play.

Special thanks to our collaborators: DoIT-Academic Technology, the Pearson Foundation's Mobile Learning Initiative, and Gaming Matter, as well as out sponsors, Just Coffee, and Bagels Forever.