First Point of Contact List for Instructional Technology Campus Staff

The mission of ComETS is to congregate and collaborate, share expertise and resources, and initiate events on technology, faculty engagement, instructional design, and related teaching and learning topics.

If you are a faculty or staff looking for help in a school or college, this informal referral list will help direct you to a first point of contact.


Agricultural and Life Sciences, College of Tom Tabone 263-3942
Business, School of Billy Kardasz 265-9717
Biology Education, Center for Lillian Tong 265-3003
Continuing Studies, Division of Alan Ng 265-9529
DoIT, Academic Technology Ron Cramer 890-1451
Education, School of Catherine Stephens 263-5949
Engineering, College of (Wendt) Elizabeth Harris 890-2109
Human Ecology, School of John Hilgers 265-0534
Law School Eric Giefer 262-3207
Letters and Science, College of Theresa Pesavento 262-0515
Library Sarah McDaniel 262-4308
Library (Design Lab) Rosemary Bodolay 890-2965
Medical School Kathryn Hendricks 265-2149
Media Solutions Judith Kozminski 263-9567
Nursing, School of Tim Piatt 265-9948
Pharmacy, School of Michael Pitterle 262-9477
Office of Registrar Scott Owzcarek 262-3964
Vet Medicine, School of Wayne Thal 265-3788
UW-Extension Thomas Arenndall 263-4262
Campus-Wide Support DoIT Academic Tech 262-5667