Community Groups and Working Groups

What is a ComETS Community?

A ComETS Community is a group of individuals who form to share resources, discuss and explore topics in learning technology, or help provide campus leadership around specific issues.

ComETS Communities often form out of ComETS events where interest in a topic is generated. In other cases, ComETS members identify a topic of interest and form a Community independently (on their own volition).

A ComETS Community forms around any special interest and disbands when there is no longer enough interest to keep it going.

What is a Working Group (or Hot Team)?

A Working Group, also known as a "Hot Team" is a short-term group that forms to get something done, often taking a "project" approach to their work. A ComETS working group might explore a new technology or practice, produce a white paper, or provide campus leadership around a particular need. Working groups typically disband after achieving their goal or working for a specified time limit (ex: 6-8 weeks to one semester).

Current ComETS Communities and Working Groups

See the ComETS Groups page for a list of current ComETS Communities and Working Groups.

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