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Media Ecology

ComETS Special Interest Group focusing on the many of ways media/multimedia is used for teaching and learning

Media Ecology

ComETS Special Interest Group (SIG) to cover media, teaching and learning.


Media Ecology is a ComETS SIG that seeks to enhance support and understanding of the many ways that media is used for teaching and learning on University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Media Ecology will support the ComETS community by facilitating opportunities to: 

  • Share expertise, workflows and techniques 
  • Survey and discuss emerging trends 
  • Identify professional development opportunities


In years past, the ComETS SIG Media Shops addressed some similar topic areas. Moving forward, Media Ecology will reflect both the need to pick up where Media Shops left off, and to reflect the increasingly broad “ecology” of media/multimedia in teaching & learning.

Virtual Worlds & Immersive Learning Environments

Examine and document the unique aspects of VW and ILE technologies.


Our mission is to grow our understanding of Virtual Worlds and Immersive Learning Environments in order to provide accurate assessment & recommendation of specific tools for specific learning objectives.


This interest area has long been considered a sub-category of Distance Learning technologies.  However, this group has been created with an emphasis on aspects of learning that are unique to ILE technologies.

Well known examples of Immersive Learning Environments include Second Life, Active Worlds, Kitely, and Cloud Party.  In the relatively short history of Virtual Worlds there have been many explorations of learning applications but comparatively few examinations of the learning experience specific to the projection of a person into an avatar.


Instructional Design (Inactive)
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