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Yammer Group



If you're getting active on Yammer, please feel encouraged to join the Yammer ComETS Learning Analytics SIG group:



As part of an outreach initiative stemming from the learning analytics pilot project that UW-Madison is participating in, Kim Arnold and I are putting together a new set of events about learning analytics practices here on campus.  I cordially invite you to attend the upcoming event:


Date: Thursday, March 27th

Time: 12-1 PM, brown bag lunch

Location: Union South (check T.I.T.U the day of), UW-Madison


Title: Learning Analytics from an Institutional Research Perspective at UW-Madison

Presenter: Clare Huhn, from the office of Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR)


Abstract of the Presentation:

One difference between academic research and institutional research is the focus on specific institutional needs, issues, and priorities rather than the creation of generalizable knowledge. At UW-Madison, these issues include differing levels of course completiion and success in key undergraduate courses based on key demographic variables, multiple pathways through the curriculum that impact course outcomes, and issues related to time to degree and institutional efforts to produce more bachelors degree recipients. This session will provide information on the broad context for learning analytics at UW-Madison, what we already know about predictors of course success in key undergraduate courses, and the challenges and opportunities for implementation of learning analytics initiatives at UW-Madison.


Please join me in thanking Clare for volunteering her time and expertise!  And if you know of any exceptional learning analytics (broadly defined) projects here on campus, please share them with me so that I may speak with the involved individuals about sharing their work with the campus.


Questions?  Please feel free to e-mail me.




~Kyle M. L. Jones~

School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), UW-Madison

- PhD Candidate

- TA: SLIS Distance Education

- PA: DoIT Academic Technology - Evaluation Team


Call for Poster Abstracts or Resource Table Hosts

2014 UW-Madison Teaching and Learning Symposium: Transforming Education

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Union South
May 19-20, 2014

Two Opportunities:
A.     Submit a Poster Abstract
B.     Host a Resource Table—New Opportunity for 2014

Poster Abstract Deadline: Friday, April 11th, 2014

Each of us at the University of Wisconsin–Madison holds a spark that can ignite a student’s interest and set them on the path to discovery. When we work together to share our ideas, we can transform the educational experience for our students and for ourselves.

To encourage the sharing of transformative teaching and learning innovations, we invite applications for posters or resource tables for the 2014 Teaching and Learning Symposium.  Please see below for specific instructions.

A.      Poster Abstract

The purpose of the poster session is to provide an informal forum for faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to exchange ideas, research, and practice in teaching and learning. We seek poster abstracts that spotlight teaching and learning transformations such as:

  1. Approaches that change traditional classrooms by rethinking the role of engagement, scholarship, mindfulness, or technology
  2. Innovations that span disciplines
  3. Connections that transform how we collaborate and that enable us to be more effective, more efficient, or happier in our teaching work
  4. Student engagement in the development or implementation of new modes of learning to augment and grow their own educational experiences

To submit a poster abstract, please complete the online proposal form. A canvas poster board (4’ high x 4’wide) will be provided to display each poster. Pushpins to facilitate display will be provided for your use. All submissions will be reviewed and decisions will be made by late April.

B.     Host a Resource Table—New Opportunity for 2014

During the poster session, there will also be an opportunity to set up a table to share further information about your campus unit's teaching and learning resources.  Tables will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and pre-registration is not required. You might want to bring handouts and examples to share with people you meet.  We will provide signage and share information about this pilot with attendees. Table host are welcome, but not required, to submit a poster abstract.

More information is available on the website, or contact Poster Session Co-Chairs Kari Fernholz, or Megan Schmid,

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Workshop: Professional Websites and Online Portfolios

imageInstructor Workshop: Professional Websites and Online Portfolios
Blogs and online portfolios are the resumes and casebooks of our time. This workshop focuses on the difference genres, functions, and platforms for building professional websites and portfolios to present yourself and your work online. Following this presentation, STS consultants will provide a hands-on workshop in which participants will create their own websites using WordPress.

When: Wed, 3/26 Noon-1p

Where: Media Studio A, 2252A College Library

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3D Motion Sickness


I really enjoyed this article from the newsletter of the College of Letters and Sciences about the nauseous feeling that can result from 3D movement in vision without reinforcing physical cues.  

Image of Oculus Rift from Wikipedia Commons - click image for attribution.The topic is personal as I have experienced this after a long time in just a 2D representation of 3D.  After a day of virtual world conferencing such as Virtual Worlds Best Practices for Education I am a little unsteady back on my feet.  

I read the story with interest in the topic, but my honest initial reaction?... "Whoa, someone's got an Oculus Rift on campus!". 

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