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Since 2011, Wisconsin DPI has had a license to use Google Apps for education. As of 2013, almost 2300 schools used them. This means most incoming UW-Madison students are familiar with Google apps. Are you?Google Apps adoption, 2013

Here's how to become familiar — try out the Teach.Talk. Google+ community.

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Theme: Accelerate Active Learning

Event site:

Submission forms

DeadlineSunday, January 25, 2015

By pivoting our attention to active learning, we engage and inspire students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 2015 Teaching and Learning Symposium aims to bring us together to share ideas, strengthen collaboration, and take risks so we can accelerate progress toward excellent educational experiences for our students and for ourselves.

We seek proposals for engaging sessions and posters that spotlight active learning in all corners of UW-Madison, for example:

  1. approaches that change the learning environment of traditional classrooms by rethinking the role of engagement, research, or technology;
  2. learning innovations that span disciplines;
  3. collaborations that enable us to be more effective and efficient;
  4. student engagement in new modes of learning that augment and enhance their educational experiences; or
  5. models that improve learning outcomes and academic achievement for all students.

Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are all welcome to submit proposals to lead a session or present a poster.

Proposed presentations should be 60 minutes long and feature clear plans for the audience to participate in the session. Posters submissions should have a clear purpose and connect to the symposium theme. Presentation and poster submission forms are at:

Contact Sheila Stoeckel, Co-Chair, at, if you need more information.

ComETS is sponsoring a session for members to learn about the Canvas Learning Management System pilot project that is just underway at UW-Madison. 
Join your ComETS colleagues and UW Canvas pilot project manager Bethany Gordy for an overview and discussion about the Canvas pilot. Bethany’s presentation will highlight key goals for the pilot and provide an overview of the pilot structure. The session will also provide opportunity for participants to ask questions. Details for the event are as follows:

What: UW Canvas Pilot Information Session
When: Thursday, Dec. 11 from 11:00-noon   
Where: Media Studio B, College Library (Room #2252B)
            inside the Computer & Media Center, 2nd floor

There's an opening for a tenurable or tenure track faculty to provide leadership and contribute to the Division of Continuing Studies' expertise in adult teaching and learning, continuing education, and distance learning.

Professor of Adult Teaching & Learning
UW-Madison, Division of Continuing Studies
Applications are due October 8, 2014. For a full description of the position and how to apply, please go to:

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Virtual Health Adventures in Second Life

Draxtor Depres has produced another insightful video narrated by Sandy Winkler of Nova Southeastern University and the work being done for people adjusting to life with prosthetics.

Screen Capture from video about Virtual Health Adventures

Virtual Health Adventures has sought help from Virtual Ability who also have a dynamic presence in Second Life at Virtual Ability Island with many weekly events related to living as a differently abled person.

The website for Virtual Ability, Inc. is  

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