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ComETS Participation with TLT-MAG

Please take a moment to read this brief update and consider my request for your input….


The Teaching, Learning, Technology Madison Advisory Group (TLT-MAG) began meeting this academic year as one of several campus groups charged with making recommendations to leadership about UW-Madison’s learning technology systems, tools and support. ComETS is fortunate to have an opportunity to participate. During the group's last few meetings, I’ve served as the ComETS representative. TLT-MAG is now set to meet at the end of next week to consider and adopt a set of principles that will guide the group in it's advisory role. 


I’d very much like to hear from you if you have thoughts, comments, or questions on either the attached set of principles, or TLT-MAG in general. Please email me at When the group convenes, I’d like to have a diverse array of perspectives from the ComETS community. Also, please stay tuned for further updates. I hope to use future opportunities to foster good dialogue within the ComETS community. 

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Summer Institute Application Open!

Interested in Teaching and Learning? Need time to reflect on your teaching? Need time to develop or restructure a course or program sequence? Want to interact with others passionate about higher education? 
We have just the thing for you and your colleagues. 
The Teaching Academy is pleased to announce the 15th Annual Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning, a four day boot-camp to improve your teaching. We will look at who our students are, what our teaching goals are, how to build a great course, and how to take it forward. 
The institute will be held June 1-4, 2015 at the peaceful UW-Madison Arboretum - a great place to reflect on teaching and rejuvenate your passion for education. The typical day runs from8:30 AM to 4:15 PM.
If you are interested or know of someone who is, please visit our webpage for more information and apply by April 25, 2015.

We are looking forward to your joining us for yet another great Teaching Academy Summer Institute!
Tom DuBois & Sue Wenker

Co-Chairs of the 2015 Teaching Academy Summer Institute

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Student-created Wikipedia assignments Webinar today!



Active Teaching Lab flaskYou already know students are reading Wikipedia — why not have them write Wikipedia?

Wikipedia assignments connect your course to the world outside of the classroom. They transform a traditional writing assignment into one that engages students with an authentic writing experience, while boosting digital and information literacy, critical thinking skills, and knowledge of research methods. By writing for Wikipedia, students practice fact-based writing, research, collaboration, and critical thinking. All the while, they’ll be making a meaningful contribution to a free knowledge resource used by millions of people around the world.

Join the Teaching with Wikipedia Webinar: Tuesday, March 17, 11-11:30 am (CST), online

​If you can't make this webinar, come to the Active Teaching Labthis week, where Tom Dubois is sharing how he has used Student-created Wikipedia content as an assignment in his classes. Friday 8:30–9:30am Middleton Building, room 120. Send your faculty!

*sponsored by DoIT Academic Technology and the UW Teaching Academy.

Since 2011, Wisconsin DPI has had a license to use Google Apps for education. As of 2013, almost 2300 schools used them. This means most incoming UW-Madison students are familiar with Google apps. Are you?Google Apps adoption, 2013

Here's how to become familiar — try out the Teach.Talk. Google+ community.

  • Did you just read an excellent article that you wish your colleagues would read? Share it with others on campus who are trying to learn Google+ communities!
  • Communicate who you are, and what drives your passion for teaching and learning by filling out a profile.
  • Learn more about your colleagues by reading about them.
  • Support lightweight campus communication about teaching and learning by acknowledging (+1) others' posts.
  • Add to the richness of the conversation with your own comments and reactions, and by sharing similar or conflicting articles and thoughts.
  • try out the space in order to learn it!

The more you know, the better you'll help improve teaching and learning at UW-Madison.

Theme: Accelerate Active Learning

Event site:

Submission forms

DeadlineSunday, January 25, 2015

By pivoting our attention to active learning, we engage and inspire students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 2015 Teaching and Learning Symposium aims to bring us together to share ideas, strengthen collaboration, and take risks so we can accelerate progress toward excellent educational experiences for our students and for ourselves.

We seek proposals for engaging sessions and posters that spotlight active learning in all corners of UW-Madison, for example:

  1. approaches that change the learning environment of traditional classrooms by rethinking the role of engagement, research, or technology;
  2. learning innovations that span disciplines;
  3. collaborations that enable us to be more effective and efficient;
  4. student engagement in new modes of learning that augment and enhance their educational experiences; or
  5. models that improve learning outcomes and academic achievement for all students.

Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are all welcome to submit proposals to lead a session or present a poster.

Proposed presentations should be 60 minutes long and feature clear plans for the audience to participate in the session. Posters submissions should have a clear purpose and connect to the symposium theme. Presentation and poster submission forms are at:

Contact Sheila Stoeckel, Co-Chair, at, if you need more information.

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